MassKara Festival Rendezvous

As they say, if it is your first time to wander in a foreign place, you've got to taste its FOOD, meet the LOCALS, know their HISTORY and CULTURE, visit the beautiful TOURIST SPOTS but I think in my case, finding someone CUTE is a priority! LOL

It's definitely my first time to be in the city of smiles, BACOLOD city for its 32nd MassKara Festival (what a shame on me)! Yes, I went there with all innocence and my virginity intact (go figure)!

I don't want to do a lot of talking in here. Why not go straight to the point? For all I know, you came here because you are interested on what I saw! Hahahaha....

Paparazzi Case No. 1:

While I'm getting my butt out on the streets battling around other spectators of the MassKara Festival, I saw this head-turning hottie photographer passing-by the aisle! When I say head-turning, I mean it! Good-looking lad with his camera with a flawless white glowing skin in black shirt! At a glance, my panties dropped off (just an overstatement, folks). I tried to follow him to take a good shot but he vanished out from my sight. So I didn't mind thinking of him and went through with my photo gig! Spotting bulges!!! What else?

Paparrazi Case No. 2:

After a crazy plan of how to get inside the Arena plaza for the showdown, a few hours of standing, sitting, getting pissed by some security police men, I saw HIM! Voila! Yes, he is just a few meters away from me! Below are the photos I took trying to really get a good shot of him! Note, TRYING HARD ME! Just imagine my desperation!

Almost A Good Hit!

He Failed To Face My Camera!

All I get is BACK VIEW!

Paparazzi Case No. 3:

I can say, this is the best shot! He gave it to me! His perfect FREE smile that belongs to ME! (Bwahahahaa). I took this after the announcement of winners! After chasing this photo-hottie, I finally had him! Patience is indeed a virtue!

Final words: What happens in Bacolod remains in Bacolod! Bwahahaha... :)

P.S. His lips tasted like red cherries, btw!

Chris Pine

Chris Pine will be one hot pie for you to salivate on! He could be the perfect breakfast for you like one is selling hot cakes over their windowpane! Get drooled over him and go super gaga!

Here's a bit of facts about this one bone-crunching hottie:

Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine[1] (born August 26, 1980) is an American actor. He has appeared in the romantic comedies The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) and Just My Luck (2006), as well as the action film Smokin' Aces (2007) as well as portraying James T. Kirk in the 2009 film Star Trek.

Duh! So much of what you're reading! You are here to get him naked straight! Want to see Chris Pine Naked? Oh lalah! Make sure you've got all the paraphernalia with you for some self-service rendezvous! Here's a teaser:

Ooops! I think, I've giving in so much! What do you spot? Some teeny-weeny? Or you bet to see this next photo of hot Chris Pine:

Hmmmmm....something's playing 'round your mind because of that disturbing bulge! I hope I could get a more clearer shot of this! Of course, all frontal for you! Well, for now, let's just wish for that! Chris Pine will be one of my list for now.

Sexy Males Dancing

Halloween events are always celebrated with glitters, fashion, creativity and glamor. How much more if you see sexy males dancing right before your eyes?! It's definitely a sexy halloween party for yah! I can't imagine if you will drool throughout the show or simply catch you in a jaw-dropping sensation while you salivate on those bulges! I'm sure something is playing on your mind and how you wish you lay in a bed of those kinky bulges!

Well, last October 31, 2010, I responded to the invitation from Club Juliana at Mango, Cebu for their yearly DRAG SHOW every HALLOWEEN! It was a fun-filled full blast show of drag queens (of course!) and awesome hot men on their swift body gestures that could ooze you to salivate!

And while you want to see real action, I'll give it to you! On video! Of course, you can now drool on your screen while watching these sexy males dancing like club strippers! But, please don't dare lick your screen! That's so messy!

Drum roll... lights, sounds... and here goes the sexy males dancing on a very special sizzling hot number:

So what you think? I'm so near taking the perfect spot of bulges and all orgasmic eye candies for yah! This is the best that my camera can do in a dark, smoky place of Club Juliana! But THANK ME for trying hard to record this one hot number! I deserve your applause! Else, I won't be posting any videos like this anymore! I always have a thing for AMATEUR videos! You know what I mean, bitch!

Now, want some of those sexy males at your room? Get a life!

Paolo Roldan Nude for Vogue Paris

I'm sure you are one of the many out there who wants to take a peek of Pao's little, oh! Biggie secret down there! You're hitting the search engines for Paolo Roldan Nude Photos in Vogue Paris mag! Don't worry! It's out in the open and I got it right for you to salivate on! It may look teeny-weeny...but we don't know when it will be like Pinocchio's little nose gone amazingly growing! lol...

Well, I guess we have to get to know more about Paolo Roldan and not just hitting straight to his nude photo in Vogue. Note, it takes to be a little brainy to know some facts! At least, you can be proud of Paolo Roldan's luck!


Paolo Roldan, a Filipino-Canadian model, has been in the business for only a year and a half but he has already landed a Givenchy ad campaign, posed nude in Vogue Paris, and walked the runways at the New York Fall Fashion Week.

Roldan's modeling career happened by accident. Last year, he went to New York as a fashion buyer, and was spotted by Boss Models New York founder and owner David Bossman. After having some test shots taken, he signed with the agency, which "invented the male supermodels".

It wasn't long before he started modeling for luxury brand Givenchy. He closed Givenchy's fall-winter collection fashion show in Paris in January. He also posed completely naked for Givenchy in the June 2010 issue of Vogue Paris. "It was a good experience--hilarious and nerve-wracking (at the same time),"said Paolo Roldan. Because of the nude photo, he "became a big buzz in the fashion world (and became) Givenchy's favorite on and off the catwalk,".

Roldan recently landed a Givenchy ad campaign. He said, "I've been told (that's) pretty good considering I've only been in the business for about a year and a half." He has also walked for designers Phillip Lim, Michael Bastian and Copper Wheat in the New York Fall Fashion Week that ends on September 16 (NY time).

And the most awaited nude photo of Paolo Roldan:

Here is a teaser video if you want some motion-driven part of our very own, Paolo Roldan!

Yumminess? You bet!